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We, the undersigned, ask that the Boy Scouts of America provide merit badge pamphlets and other advancement materials in a digital form such as PDF free of charge at We believe that doing so is cost-beneficial to BSA as well as local troops and families.

1. Walter Williams | District Committee, Mt Olympus District, Chief Seattle Council | Sequim, WA | 7/30/2010Label
I am owner of I believe that all Scouts should have access to downloadable advancement materials. I ask BSA to offer these via, or allow sites such as this one to host them.
2. Scott Millard | Cub Master Troop 146 Committee 764 | Independence, MO | 7/31/2010Label
Scouts - Helping others and Leaving no Trace. Both accomplished by going Digital.
3. Samuel F Harley | Unit Commisioner, Assistant Scoutmaster | Hiram, GA | 7/31/2010Label
In many areas Merit Badge Pamphlets are available at the public library, but not here. Scouts need a quick response method for just looking at the material. Service Center is an hour away.
4. Charles Reames | Troop Committee | East Berlin Pa | 7/31/2010Label
I thought your sight was great and it is a shame you had to take off the merit badge files.
5. John Iler | Scoutmaster | Burlington, MA | 7/31/2010Label is an excellent way for scouts, adult leaders, and prospective counselors to quickly survey merit badges. It is in no way confused to be an official BSA website.
6. Harry Oberhelman III | ASM | San Jose | 8/1/2010Label
Lets be real. The complaint has everything to do with copyright and revenue to BSA. Since BSA likes to update the phamphets periodically, why not make the outdated ones available without charge.
7. Michele Duncan | Cubmaster | Wake Forest, NC | 8/1/2010Label
8. Douglas Christopher Orton | Parent of a Scout | Reno, Nevada | 8/1/2010Label
We would appreciate it if you would make these pamphlets available to scouts through electronic means
9. Shawn Jackson | Scoutmaster | Colorado | 8/1/2010Label
The push to provide all merit badge books in PDF format will remove the barrier of cost and save so many trees! We are counting on you to do your part for the environment and economy! Help us help the youth learn these important skills. Thanks for your consideration.
10. John Yeager | Eagle/Current parent of 2 Scouts | Miami, FL | 8/1/2010Label
I thought this was an excellent site. Other than shutting down this site, BSA should be embarrased that they don't have the merit badges in digital form already. BSA needs to get into the 21st century.
11. Steve Rudkin | District Camping Chair, Assistant Scoutmaster, Post Advisor, Crew Committee Chair | Lake Travis, TX | 8/1/2010Label
This has been a sore issue for me for a very long time esp as a merit badge counselor. The only reason i can see this being an issue with BSA is because of lost funds. This is a poor excuse not to put these on line.
12. Jeff Bishop | | | 8/1/2010Label
13. Leslie Kester | Advancement chair | Lehi, Utah | 8/1/2010Label
This action shows how big the BSA has become they have forgotten what Scounting is all about, developing boys to become good adults. The BSA is becoming more concerned with making money than benefitting our youth.
14. Clay Beeler | Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 533 | St. Charles, MO | 8/1/2010Label
I think every effort should be made to bring this great program to our youth at a reduced price. Times change and BSA should adapt too. I support the free distribution of merit badge books on this site. Camping in the woods and learning just keeps getting more expensive. BSA should do what it can to help our youth participate in this wonderful program. There will still be enough people who want paper copies of their books that it won't run the publisher out of business. This site is a "Win, Win" in my book. (No pun intended)
15. JoAnn Wood | Committee member | Apple Valley, CA | 8/1/2010Label
I find it a travisty that BSA would be petty enough to attack this site, when they do not even offer something similar. Although my son just started in scouting, this example of citizenship by the corporation is NOT setting a very good example. I may start looking into a different organizations that will abide by their own standards better than BSA appears to do.
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